Reviewing A MTNS CO Jigsaw Puzzle | Gore Range

In this blog “Reviewing A MTNS CO Jigsaw Puzzle”, I’m going to review a puzzle by a company called MTNS.CO. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to review puzzles for the MTNS company. This puzzle is called Gore Range and it’s by the artist Elise Holmes.

This puzzle is “Based in the mountains of Colorado Elise creates images of wildlife and nature with a free-flowing imaginative approach. Her designs are always inspired by a deeper connection to the world. You can find more of her work and designs at the mountains co sister company vela apparel”.

Isn't that cool?

Also, they have some apparel stuff too where this husband-and-wife team has clothing, housewares, and gifts for everyday adventures.

Now, let’s get straight into the puzzle part:

  • The puzzle box was of good quality. It had a smooth finish. I found the nice quality print of it to be of great help with the puzzle.
  • Within the box, there were white dots pieces and then something like circular patterns pieces, so I separated them all out.
  • There was a row of trees that were larger pieces so I pulled those out but most of the areas in the puzzle were more of a red tone so I separated that out and with those green dots as well.
  • In order to complete this puzzle in a shorter amount of time, I divided it into five sections.
  • The pieces were printed on white backgrounds, which is nice. They weren't too glossy either, perhaps more of an enamel gloss or an eggshell finish for painting. 
  • It's nice to see a good variety of pieces, which is why I like it when there are a lot of different shapes since it's easier to identify them.

Here is my strategy for this puzzle:

  • As usual, I put the edge pieces to one side and then got my collection of trays. Once you get over your initial fright, look closely at the image. You will see that there are a number of pieces with vibrant colors. The colors are stunning. As you look closer, more details appear, which makes assembly much easier. My strategy was to assemble my border and then do each row completely across before starting the next.
  • As I continued to follow this pattern throughout the assembly, the puzzle was completed before I knew it. Puzzles help me unwind. I really enjoyed this puzzle ‘Gore Range’ because it was more fun than difficult.

And finally, a great success!

  • The way I planned to break it down pretty much worked out, so I separated it into about five sections. 
  • The little squiggly part was one section, the trees were another section and I used a blue line to do that one. The whole green and polka dot area was one section and then most of the reds and blue-purple colors were another section so that helped me to complete this one at a pretty good pace.
  • I did it in three sittings because I couldn't do it in one. I didn't have a lot of time to sit through it all at once.
  • I felt so relaxed after putting that last piece together. I was really pleased with the final result. Upon completion, it was a nice puzzle, but the quality, the color, everything about it is beautiful. This might be something worth framing.

I am so glad I did this puzzle; it was my first MTNS CO jigsaw puzzle, and it got me hooked on the brand. To all my fellow Jigsaw Junkies if you haven’t already checked out the MTNS CO Jigsaw Puzzle I Gore Range do consider it out, I’m attaching a link so you can have a look. I’m sure, you won’t regret it. They have so many interesting images to see. I know you'd love to add this one to your puzzle collection. You won't be disappointed with the ‘Gore Range’ puzzle. Just remember to go piece by piece. and you will be on your way.

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